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The Importance of Commodity Risk Management for Companies

Welcome to Corporate Treasury 101! If you are new here, you will probably want to read our free eBook to understand what Corporate Treasury is, and what Treasury departments are responsible for! Click here to download it for free! 🙂 Welcome (back) to Corporate Treasury 101! Since this is not your first time here, you…
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Building a Culture of Gender Equity in Corporate Treasury

In today’s fast-paced financial world, the role of corporate treasury is evolving. Alongside this shift, the push for gender equity in corporate treasury is becoming a vital topic. Fiona Caheny, with her extensive background as the Director of Corporate Treasury at Mastercard, provides valuable insights into this issue. Fiona’s career spans over two decades and…
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How Supply Chain Technology Simplifies Procurement and Treasury

In today’s business landscape, companies must manage their spending effectively to stay competitive. Organizations increasingly turn to technology to streamline procurement and improve financial operations. This makes Business Spend Management (BSM) platforms like Coupa essential for gaining control over financial activities and finding ways to cut costs. Tamir Shafer, AVP – Global Coupa Pay &…
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How Companies Can Shield Themselves from the Growing Threat of Business Fraud

Business fraud is on the rise, with 96% of U.S. businesses experiencing at least one fraud attempt in the past year. This marks a 76% increase from previous years, signaling a troubling trend in the digital era. Advances in technology, especially artificial intelligence, have enabled fraudsters to execute more sophisticated and damaging schemes. This rising…
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Essential Elements of an Effective Treasury Policy

How a Strong Treasury Policy Shapes Company Success

In today’s business world, managing finances strategically is crucial. A key tool in this effort is a treasury policy. This set of guidelines helps companies align their financial activities with their broader business goals. Jason Murphy, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Centrus, is at the heart of shaping these policies. With over 25 years…
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The Critical Role of Cash Flow Forecasting in Modern Treasury Management

In today’s fast-paced business world, effective management of finances is crucial. Modern treasury management plays a vital role in optimizing cash flow to ensure businesses have the necessary liquidity to operate successfully. As markets evolve and technology advances, the ability to forecast and manage cash flow accurately has become more important than ever. In this…
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How the Digital Age Accelerates the Evolution of Treasury

In the world of finance, the role of the treasury has seen big changes, especially from the 1990s to the present. It used to focus mainly on big-picture issues like managing cash and dealing with the wider financial market. But today, it’s much more involved in the day-to-day financial operations, making quick decisions based on…
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How Banking in China Is Transforming Corporate Treasury

How Corporate Treasury Faces the Complexities of Banking in China

China’s banking sector is undergoing a remarkable transformation, reshaping the world of corporate treasury in ways we’ve never seen before. Gone are the days when banks were just channels for state funds. Now, they’re at the forefront of China’s economic revolution, driven by profit and innovation. However, there’s a common misconception that China is a…
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How ERP Systems Enhance Corporate Strategy and Treasury Management

ERP systems have become indispensable for streamlining operations and enhancing decision-making capabilities in today’s business landscape. Today, we will discuss how ERP systems are revolutionizing treasury functions, from liquidity management to risk mitigation. Furthermore, we will dive deep into the transformative power of ERP systems in treasury modernization, guided by the expertise of Christian Mnich…
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Podcast Marketing Agency

Growing our Podcast with a Trusted Podcast Marketing Agency

In the bustling world of digital content, where the airwaves are saturated with voices vying for attention, our podcast embarked on a journey to carve out its unique space. It was a venture filled with passion, stories waiting to be told, and insights eager to be shared. Yet, amidst the cacophony of the internet, finding…
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