💲 We simplify Corporate Treasury Concepts - 🎙️ From the podcast Corporate Treasury 101

FX Trading: A Conversation with David Pierce & Alexander Youngman

Welcome to Corporate Treasury 101! If you are new here, you will probably want to read our free eBook to understand what Corporate Treasury is, and what Treasury departments are responsible for! Click here to download it for free! 🙂 Welcome (back) to Corporate Treasury 101! Since this is not your first time here, you…
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Chris van Dijl-Treasury Certification

Do You Need a Treasury Certification? With Chris Van Dijl

In the demanding and ever-changing world of treasury management, it’s essential to keep your skills sharp and knowledge current. For treasury professionals dealing with a multitude of responsibilities, this can seem like a Herculean task. This article offers valuable insights into the world of treasury certification, directly from an expert in the field, Chris Van…
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CFIinstitute, a comprehensive overview

CFIInstitute – What you need to know

Any Finance or Treasury professional who has achieved great success in their career would say it: upskilling and staying updated is more than just a need – it’s a prerequisite. Here comes the CFIInstitute – tailored for advance finance professionals and those just starting out. It is the go-to place for everything from mastering Excel,…
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Robotic Process Automation: A Comprehensive Exploration with Philip Costa and Jan Willem Attevelt

Understanding Robotic Process Automation with Automation Boutique

Automation is a central pivot in today’s fast-evolving technological landscape, revolutionizing various industries. Financial sectors, particularly corporate Treasury, increasingly rely on technology to optimize operations and foster efficiency. Amidst these transformations, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) stands out as a critical tool, holding the potential to reshape businesses. But what is RPA? And how does it…
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Treasury Function evolution with Guillaume & Hussam

The Evolution of the Treasury Function and its Technology

In this episode of the Raise and Deploy podcast, Ashley interviews seasoned podcast hosts Guillaume and Hussam of the Corporate Treasury 101 podcast on the evolution of the Treasury Function. In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, the role of corporate treasury has evolved significantly. Treasury departments are no longer seen as mere support functions but…
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Bob Stark episode

Unlocking the Future: AI in Treasury Management with Bob Stark

In today’s fast-evolving financial world, integrating AI into treasury functions and functions is revolutionizing the industry. Our exploration focuses on AI’s transformative role in treasury, particularly spotlighting the innovative strides made by Kyriba, a leader in treasury management systems. We’ll be looking at how AI is reshaping conventional treasury practices and what this means for…
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Alex Griffiths from Fitch Ratings explaining Credit Ratings

Decoding Credit Ratings: Expert Insights from Alex Griffiths

Welcome to our deep dive into the intricate arena of credit ratings. Today, we unravel this complex subject with the guidance of Alex Griffiths from Fitch Ratings, who joined us on the Corporate Treasury 101 podcast. Wondering what a credit rating even is? We’ve got you covered. Are you curious about what goes on behind…
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Navigating the Future of Treasury: Peter De Kiewit Featured Image

Navigating the Future of Treasury: Insights from Pieter De Kiewit

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of corporate finance, the role of the treasurer is becoming increasingly complex. Amidst technological advancements and fluctuating societal norms, treasurers must navigate an intricate landscape that demands technical proficiency, robust interpersonal & treasury skills, and a firm grasp of the broader business context. Today, we bring you an enlightening…
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AI in Treasury Newsletter – Recap July 2023

AI in Treasury Newsletter – Recap July 2023

Welcome to The AI in Treasury Insight Newsletter! In the ever-evolving world of finance, AI in Treasury is fast becoming a cornerstone of modern practices. This advancement, marked by the integration of artificial intelligence into treasury functions, is revolutionizing how companies manage their financial assets. From the ease provided by AI chatbots in interpreting complex…
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Simplifying the Complex World of FX Risk Management Insights from Jeff Goggins

Simplifying the Complex World of FX Risk Management: Insights from Jeff Goggins

Understanding the complex realm of FX risk management can often feel like navigating through a labyrinth with no clear exit. Technical terms like balance sheet re-measurement, hedging, and central bank interventions may seem daunting. However, these concepts become approachable when explained by experts like Jeff Goggins, a Kyriba director, and a seasoned FX risk management…
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