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Welcome to Corporate Treasury 101, your go-to source for corporate treasury knowledge. More than a website, Corporate Treasury 101 is a podcast, a community and a place for experts to share their knowledge.

This platform was conceived and brought to life by two passionate professionals: Guillaume Jouvencel and Hussam Ali. With their combined knowledge, experiences, and drive, they aim to make the world of corporate treasury more accessible and comprehensible to all.

Guillaume Jouvencel

Guillaume’s journey into the world of corporate treasury began at Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking, where he served as a Cash Management Analyst. His stint at Societe Generale laid the groundwork for his subsequent tenure at PwC as a Senior Treasury Consultant.

Guillaume, however, felt something was missing in the world of Treasury. A place where treasury professionals of all level (including complete neophytes) could find user-friendly and easy-to-understand Treasury content. His interest in continuously learn more, step-by-step, gave birth to the idea of “Corporate Treasury 101”.

Hussam Ali

Hussam Ali, a Senior Engineering Project Manager at Procter & Gamble, brings a unique, engineering-focused approach to the world of treasury. Hussam’s methodical and problem-solving mindset, honed through his engineering experiences, helps in systematically breaking down complex treasury topics.

Hardcore fan of the podcast format, his curiosity for the ever-evolving field of corporate treasury led him to co-found and host the podcast, making the idea of “Corporate Treasury 101” a reality.

The bond between Guillaume and Hussam extends far beyond their professional collaboration. “Friend of the pandemic”, they met during the second lockdown of COVID19, where the beginning of an amazing friendship and future business collaboration took place.

They are great friends in real life, and they’ve combined their shared passion for podcasts and finance to create something truly valuable – the “Corporate Treasury 101” podcast.

The Podcast

The “Corporate Treasury 101” podcast is a cornerstone of our mission to educate, inspire, and connect. Each week, we release two episodes that delve deep into the heart of corporate treasury, demystifying complex ideas. We also host seasoned professionals from the treasury world, who share their unique experiences, perspectives, and solutions.

Here at “Corporate Treasury 101,” we firmly believe that knowledge grows when it is shared, and this belief is the foundation of our podcast and website.

Thank you for joining us on this enlightening journey. Your participation enriches our community and makes it thrive. Your success in understanding and leveraging corporate treasury practices is our ultimate goal.

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Welcome to the “Corporate Treasury 101” community!