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FX Risk Management in LATAM: Conversation with Mateus Zani from Deaglo

FX Risk Management in LATAM: Conversation with Matheus Zani from Deaglo

Navigating the dynamic world of finance, FX risk management in LATAM (Latin America) stands out as a topic of heightened relevance. Current trends in the industry underscore the necessity of understanding currency challenges and the strategies deployed to combat them. Have you ever wondered about the intricacies of restricted currencies? Or how businesses navigate the…
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FX Trading: A Conversation with David Pierce & Alexander Youngman

The fast-paced world of corporate treasury is a critical hub for any thriving business, especially in today’s volatile economic landscape. One facet that often eludes understanding is the complex foreign exchange (FX) trading arena. The current surge in inflation and interest rates has put a renewed focus on this, making it essential for industry professionals…
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