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FX Risk Management in LATAM: Conversation with Mateus Zani from Deaglo

FX Risk Management in LATAM: Conversation with Matheus Zani from Deaglo

Navigating the dynamic world of finance, FX risk management in LATAM (Latin America) stands out as a topic of heightened relevance. Current trends in the industry underscore the necessity of understanding currency challenges and the strategies deployed to combat them. Have you ever wondered about the intricacies of restricted currencies? Or how businesses navigate the…
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Simplifying the Complex World of FX Risk Management Insights from Jeff Goggins

Simplifying the Complex World of FX Risk Management: Insights from Jeff Goggins

Understanding the complex realm of FX risk management can often feel like navigating through a labyrinth with no clear exit. Technical terms like balance sheet re-measurement, hedging, and central bank interventions may seem daunting. However, these concepts become approachable when explained by experts like Jeff Goggins, a Kyriba director, and a seasoned FX risk management…
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Mastering Currency Management with Agustin MacKinlay Featured Image

Currency Management with Agustin MacKinlay – A Comprehensive guide

Welcome to Corporate Treasury 101! Today, we have an exciting journey for you into the intricate world of currency management. Our special guide for this expedition is Agustin MacKinlay, a senior financial writer at Kantox. Besides his role at Kantox, Agustin also shares his rich insights as a former lecturer and a fellow podcaster. His…
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What is Hedging in Financial Risk Management?

Ever wondered how big companies manage to stay successful even when money matters get tricky? Imagine they’re on a rocky sea journey, with economic changes like storms on the horizon. But what if they had a secret weapon to help them through the rough waters? That’s right. They have a safety kit called ‘hedging.’ It’s…
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