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the Future Role of Corporate Treasury Kurt Smith Featured Image

Can Treasury Go From Support to Strategic Function? with Dr Kurt Smith

Welcome to Corporate Treasury 101! If you are new here, you will probably want to read our free eBook to understand what Corporate Treasury is, and what Treasury departments are responsible for! Click here to download it for free! 🙂 Welcome (back) to Corporate Treasury 101! Since this is not your first time here, you…
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Working Capital Management-Discussion with IYORA Founders Stefan M. Siesla and Gordon Mackenzie Featured Image

How FinTech Disrupts Working Capital Management? with Stefan M. Siesla and Gordon Mackenzie

Welcome to an insightful journey into working capital management and future-oriented financial technology, a realm crucial for businesses of all sizes. Today, we’re delving deep into the insights provided by two industry veterans, Stefan M. Siesla and Gordon Mackenzie, the founders of AYORA, a company carving a niche at the intersection of finance and technology.…
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Mastering Currency Management with Agustin MacKinlay Featured Image

Currency Management with Agustin MacKinlay – A Comprehensive guide

Welcome to Corporate Treasury 101! Today, we have an exciting journey for you into the intricate world of currency management. Our special guide for this expedition is Agustin MacKinlay, a senior financial writer at Kantox. Besides his role at Kantox, Agustin also shares his rich insights as a former lecturer and a fellow podcaster. His…
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10 Treasury Podcasts to Listen to in 2023 Featured Image

10 Treasury Podcasts to Listen to in 2023

In this article, we’ll dive deep into ten treasury podcasts worth your time in 2023. Each offers unique insights into the finance and treasury management world, brought to you by industry leaders and experienced professionals. Now, what’s so cool about these Treasury podcasts? They take tricky ideas and make them clear and easy to understand.…
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artificial intelligence

AI in Treasury Newsletter – Recap June 2023

In the heart of our modern economy, a revolution is happening. It’s not driven by new policies or economic shifts but by a quiet, digital force. This change-maker is Artificial Intelligence (AI), reshaping the world as we know it. In no place is this more evident than in treasury management, where AI and Machine learning…
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Navigating ESG in Treasury Operations with Etienne Chalmagne Featured Image

Navigating ESG in Treasury Operations: A Conversation with Etienne Chalmagne

Welcome to a deep dive into the interplay between treasury functions and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. As professionals in the treasury field, we must keep abreast of shifts in business landscapes and understand how these changes affect our daily operations. ESG principles, once considered separate from the financial world, have now taken center…
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An Interview with Craig Jeffery Featured Image

Electronic Payments in the US: An Interview with Craig Jeffery

Navigating the intricacies of electronic payments, especially in the vast and complex landscape of the United States, can often be overwhelming. Expert insights and guidance are essential to help us understand this dynamic realm. This is why we’ve invited a specialist to lead the way, Craig Jeffery, who stands at the forefront of the treasury…
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Exploring POBO/COBO with Laurent Geunens Featured Images

What is PoBo and CoBo? Streamlining Treasury Operations with Laurent Geunens

Treasury management, including the intricacies of POBO/COBO (Payments on Behalf Of/Collections on Behalf Of), is the heart of any organization’s financial operations. It is pivotal in optimizing financial resources, managing risks, and ensuring liquidity. However, as simple as it might sound, managing a company’s treasury operations is no easy task, especially for large multinational corporations.…
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The SVB Downfall Lisa Dukes

The SVB Downfall: Lessons in Financial Risk Management and Corporate Finance from Lisa Dukes

In the ever-evolving world of finance, keeping up with changes (like SVB Downfall) and understanding intricate dynamics is crucial. It’s like navigating a ship in uncharted waters – you need the proper knowledge, tools, and guidance. So, how do you master these tides? How do you make informed decisions that ensure your organization’s financial health?…
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Bank Connectivity by Joost Kevelam

What is Bank Connectivity? With Joost Kevelam

Bank connectivity is essential to managing finances for businesses, regardless of size. However, connecting with banks, integrating financial systems, and handling transactions and data can be complicated and time-consuming. To mark the 100th episode of the Corporate Treasury 101 podcast, we had the pleasure of interviewing Joost Kevelam from COBASE, a leading provider of bank…
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