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Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management in Projects: The Importance of Cash Flows in a Company

Welcome to the Corporate Treasury 101. In this article, we have a treat for you as we bring together all the valuable insights from our previous discussions with Daniel Sanchez, an esteemed engineering director at one of the world’s largest Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies. Prepare for a comprehensive masterclass on project financing, cash flow…
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What is Cash Pooling? A Cash Pool practical guide

Ever wondered about the ins and outs of cash pooling? Are you looking for a clearer understanding of why corporations do it, what types it includes, and how to execute it? Then welcome to the Corporate Treasury 101 podcast! Here, our expert Guillaume is eager to guide you through the maze of cash pooling. Get…
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What is Short Term Investment: A Corporate Treasurer’s Guide

This article explores the considerations a corporate treasurer needs to make when handling the short term Investment of a corporation and the tools they can use to meet their objectives. Have you ever pondered the strategic moves that corporate treasurers make in handling a corporation’s short-term cash? If these thoughts have crossed your mind, you’ve…
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What is Short-Term Financing? A Simplified Approach

Have you ever asked yourself, “How does a company decide on the best option for short-term financing?” We understand your curiosity, so we’ve crafted this comprehensive guide to short-term financing. It’s a deep dive into an intricate yet fascinating world of corporate financial decisions that power the wheels of businesses. This guide promises to satisfy…
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A Deep Dive into Cash Positioning and Cash Flow Forecasting

Are you curious about how the financial titans and thriving businesses excel in Cash Positioning and Cash Flow Forecasting, enabling them to navigate the swirling currents of cash flow? It may seem daunting, but there’s a secret weapon at their disposal – effective cash flow management. Just like steering a boat down a river, it’s…
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