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Alex Griffiths from Fitch Ratings explaining Credit Ratings

Decoding Credit Ratings: Expert Insights from Alex Griffiths

Welcome to our deep dive into the intricate arena of credit ratings. Today, we unravel this complex subject with the guidance of Alex Griffiths from Fitch Ratings, who joined us on the Corporate Treasury 101 podcast. Wondering what a credit rating even is? We’ve got you covered. Are you curious about what goes on behind…
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Counterparty Risk Management Featured Image

A Comprehensive Guide to Counterparty Risk Management

Welcome to Corporate Treasury 101, your go-to resource for everything related to the dynamic field of corporate Treasury. Today, we’re thrilled to invite you on an enlightening journey through counterparty risk management. We’ll deep-dive into the key concepts of counterparty risk management, exploring its significance, the strategies that professionals like you can employ, and the…
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