Top 10 Certified Treasury Professional Courses

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Top 10 Certified Treasury Professional Courses

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Certified Treasury Professional courses offer must-have skills if your goal is to take the CTP exam. This high-stakes test is a stepping stone in one’s career, particularly if you’re going for higher-level opportunities.

This article breaks down the best CTP courses, both AFP-approved and independent players. We’re talking features, costs, and a whole lot more. Whether it’s the digital CTP Exam Prep Platform or in-person sessions like the Regional AFP & TMA Prep Classes, we’ll explore what each option has in store for you.

AFP Accredited Certified Treasury Professional Courses

Let’s examine your top choices for Certified Treasury Professional Courses. Each of the 6 courses mentioned below is accredited by the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP).

1. The CTP Exam Prep Platform

The CTP Exam Prep Platform is your ideal companion for the CTP Exam. This digital powerhouse supports your preparation for any of the exam cycles. It’s rich in interactive tools, evaluations, and sample questions designed to maximize your study efficiency.

Feature-wise, it’s a treasure trove. You’ll find a 10-question quick quiz, a calculation-focused quiz, and a comprehensive 170-question practice exam. A pre-test engine identifies your strong and weak areas, tailoring your study plan. Plus, it’s accessible on any device with a web browser.

The cost is $860 for AFP members and $960 for non-members. Combine it with Essentials of Treasury Management and pay only $945 (members) or $1045 (non-members).

Additionally, the platform includes AFP Collaborate for networking. Engage with fellow CTP aspirants, exchanging tips and insights.

2. Regional AFP & TMA Prep Classes

If you’re targeting the CTP Exam and appreciate in-person instruction, the Regional AFP & TMA Prep Classes are for you. Presented by various AFP Regional Associations, these courses offer an immersive learning experience. For instance, the Central Ohio Association for Financial Professionals (COAFP) has a Treasury Learning System In-Person Course.

Moreover, you’ve got conference options too. These gatherings often hold CTP review classes:

  1. Carolinas Cash Adventure: Website
  2. New York Cash Exchange: Website
  3. New England AFP Annual Conference: Website
  4. TEXPO Conference: Website

Stay updated by checking their websites for the latest details. Prices and schedules vary, so confirm with each Regional Association directly.

3. CTP Exam Intensive Review Course

The CTP Exam Intensive Review Course, is a robust learning experience. It’s priced at $695 for members and $795 for non-members. Plus, it offers 14.4 FP&A credits. The course runs during specific months of the year, often during the evening so you can do that after your working day. And yes, it is entirely online. Recordings are also available if you miss a session.

The course’s mission is a thorough review of ‘Essentials of Treasury Management, 7th edition.’ In four days, you’ll cover crucial chapters and exam strategies. It prioritizes the most relevant topics while briefly touching on less critical ones.

Learning goals are clear-cut. You’ll sharpen your skills in payment systems, cash positioning, and working capital strategies. You’ll also enhance your understanding of financial risk management and capital resource allocation.

You can bundle this course with the CTP Exam Bootcamp and enjoy a $200 saving. This course is an obvious choice for those determined to excel in the CTP exam.

4. CTP Exam Bootcamp

The CTP Exam Bootcamp is the ultimate preparation before the exam. The cost is $295 for members, and for non-members, $395. This virtual seminar is also set during specific months of the year and takes place in the evening. Attendees will also have access to recordings. Remember, completing the CTP Exam Prep Platform is essential before attending this Bootcamp.

This 6-hour Bootcamp, split into two sessions, provides a thorough overview. The first session examines the structure of ETM7 and the CTP exam, including question types and heat maps. It also covers test-taking strategies and vital chapters. The second session delves further into these strategies and explores additional chapters.

Here’s a tip: You can combine it with the CTP Exam Intensive Review Course to save $200.

5. Official University Partners for Certified Treasury Professional Courses

Florida International University

The Certified Treasury Professional Course from Florida International University program equips participants with expertise in emerging technologies, analytical capabilities, effective collaboration, and value addition across business sectors.

This comprehensive program addresses vital treasury management subjects, anchored in real-world scenarios and steered by industry veterans. It benefits a diverse audience: from corporate finance practitioners to consultants, financial service providers, students, and high-ranking officials like CFOs.

Participants will learn to maintain corporate liquidity, manage cash positioning, and utilize various payment systems. The program also covers risk monitoring, capital structure optimization, international trade financing, and ethical business conduct. This comprehensive curriculum ensures professionals are equipped to add value across the enterprise.

The program fee encompasses digital access to FIU’s educational materials and instructional resources, concluding with a Florida International University Certificate of Completion. For tailored training, FIU Business Executive Education offers customized solutions. More details on exam eligibility can be found here.

Northwestern University – Chicago

The Certified Treasury Professional® (CTP) certificate program is a comprehensive course designed for individuals aiming to excel in treasury management. Offered by Northwestern University in partnership with the Association for Financial Professionals, it focuses on key areas such as corporate liquidity, capital, and risk management.

This robust program is available remotely in the Spring and Fall. It’s structured as a single course of study, demanding a total commitment of 36 hours. Upon completion, participants are poised to take the CTP certification exam, although the exam fee is not included in the tuition. For tuition details, Northwestern’s tuition page offers complete information.

The program has valuable resources, including a 12-month access to the AFP CTP Exam Prep Platform™. Students also have the option to purchase the Essentials of Treasury Management Version 7 at a reduced price.

The faculty comprises seasoned professionals with diverse expertise, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. Graduates of the program can expect to enhance their career prospects significantly in treasury and finance.

New York Institute of Technology – Manhattan

The Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) course, offered by New York Tech in partnership with the AFP, is an online treasure trove. It includes 20 chapters of digital content, over 15 hours of guided videos, and more than 1,300 practice questions.

Its instructor-led format offers personalized support for your exam preparation. It’s comprehensive, covering six essential areas, from Treasury Management basics to Financial Management. Upon completion, you receive a Certificate of Achievement and 3.6 CEU credits.

The course prioritizes practicality, with quick quizzes, practice tests, and an exclusive practice exam bank. It prepares you thoroughly for the CTP exam, promising career advancement opportunities. Consider the benefits: a higher salary, job security, and increased responsibility.

The course is conveniently scheduled on Saturdays from 10 AM to 2 PM and respects your weekday commitments. Pricing is $1,450 for AFP members and New York Tech alumni and $1,550 for others.

Rice University

The Certified Treasury Professional® (CTP) course offered by Rice University, in partnership with the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), is a prestigious online program designed for finance professionals. This comprehensive course is geared towards preparing participants for the CTP exam and earning the globally recognized CTP credential, a symbol of excellence in the treasury profession.

The curriculum is delivered live and online, led by seasoned instructors Madeline Sprague, Ernest Smith, and Ray Vines, ensuring interactive and focused learning. The course costs $1755, with a convenient two-part payment plan available.

Participants who score 70 percent or higher on each online module test and the post-test will receive a Rice University Certificate of Achievement, complete with recertification hours. Additionally, discounts are available for Rice alumni and veterans. Note that purchasing books from an outside source will not affect the tuition fee. Enrollment is recommended early as the course is in high demand.

The University of Dallas

The University of Dallas, in collaboration with the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), offers a comprehensive Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) certification course for finance professionals eager to elevate their careers. This program extensively prepares participants for the CTP exam, diving deep into treasury management topics such as liquidity management, risk assessment, and financial planning.

The benefits of obtaining CTP certification are manifold. Certified professionals report average annual salaries of $92,082. The certification boosts credibility in the finance sector and enhances job prospects.

The Format of this course is Live online instruction, and the Tuition fee is $1,625 (early bird rate at $1,463). Discounts are available for select groups, including UD Alumni and US Veterans. The course covers 20 domains pertinent to the CTP exam and demands eligibility as per AFP standards. For registration details, contact or call 972-721-5299.

6. [Study Abroad] Global Exam Prep Partnerships

Beijing Financial Education Company (People’s Republic of China)

The Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) course by Beijing Financial Education Company is a premier international certification for corporate treasury managers and banking sector professionals. This comprehensive course focuses on seven core areas: relationship, cash, working capital, investment, financing, risk, and financial information management planning.

Delivered entirely online, the CTP course facilitates learning at a self-paced rhythm. Certification mandates 36 credits every three years, underscoring the importance of continuous learning. The value of this course lies in its practical application, enhancing one’s ability to analyze and resolve corporate financial needs effectively.

Examinations are held thrice annually, comprising 170 multiple-choice questions over a span of 3.5 hours. Offered in Chinese, these computer-based exams are accessible and convenient.

Additionally, Beijing Contemporary Financial Training Co., Ltd. enriches the CTP program with expert think tanks, integrating the latest financial trends and practices. Members enjoy many online and offline activities, fostering a vibrant community of professionals.

Beacon FinTrain (Middle East, Africa & Turkey)

This Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) course by Beacon FinTrain promises comprehensive training in liquidity management, optimal cash positioning, capital structure optimization, corporate governance, and international finance.

This course is blended, combining self-paced, professionally recorded videos with 6 face-to-face sessions. This design ensures maximum flexibility and comprehensive understanding. Participants will receive the CTP 7th Edition Beacon Handbook, an integral learning resource created by experts, alongside a one-year AFP membership and access to the AFP’s CTP Exam Preparation Platform.

The course promises practical outcomes, such as maintaining corporate liquidity, managing cash positioning, optimizing capital structure, understanding corporate governance issues, and managing cross-border funds movement.

Moreover, attendees can earn a free “Introduction to Treasury Management” Micro-credential Certificate and LinkedIn Badge. This micro-credential offers a concise yet focused learning experience, providing essential treasury management knowledge.

This program caters to professionals, including Treasurers, Treasury Analysts, Cash Managers, CFOs, and various managerial roles within the treasury and finance sectors.

For further information, Dalia Anwar, Business Development Manager, can be reached at +201277044024 or Interested individuals can also request a callback for personalized guidance.

Pathfinders (Egypt)

Sponsored by the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), this course by Pathfinders certifies one’s corporate liquidity, capital, and risk management expertise.

This course caters to a broad audience, including individuals preparing for the CTP exam, corporate finance professionals, technical support staff, and finance educators. Furthermore, those in banking, consultancy, and product development for finance organizations can benefit. Students eyeing a future in finance or business will also find it insightful.

The CTP credential offers tangible perks. Certified professionals often earn up to 20% more than their non-certified counterparts. It enhances job prospects, ensures career stability, prepares for advanced roles, and mandates continual learning, ensuring relevancy in the ever-evolving finance landscape.

This 90-hour course offers flexibility, available both in-class and online and is accessible in both Arabic and English.

For enrollment or inquiries, contact +2 02 2266 0166 or The course venue is in Cairo, Egypt, at 7 El Mosheer Ahmed Ismail St., Sheraton – El Nozha.

Tranvorma (Indonesia)

The Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) course by Tranvorma is a comprehensive program for finance professionals. It covers many topics, including treasury management, regulatory frameworks, banking, capital markets, and risk management. The course prepares candidates for the CTP exam, a 170-question test administered over 3.5 hours.

The course is flexible and suitable for various professionals, from treasurers to financial analysts. The content is thorough, delving into critical areas such as working capital management, cash flow forecasting, and enterprise risk management. It also explores the role of technology in treasury, a topic of growing importance.

Eligibility for the course varies. Category A requires at least two years of work experience, while Category B requires one year, alongside completed education.

Certification holds for three years, after which recertification is necessary. This ensures professionals stay updated in this dynamic field. The course’s pace, content, and structure make it ideal for those aiming to solidify their expertise and advance their careers in treasury and finance.

NOESIS (Singapore and Malaysia)

The CTP credential, offered by the AFP, is a mark of global distinction. Notably, 80% of Fortune 500 companies employ CTPs. This isn’t just a certification; it’s a career enhancer.

This online course lasts four months, including 30 hours of live virtual review sessions. It’s designed for individuals with at least a year’s experience in treasury or finance and a relevant educational background. Ensure you meet these requirements before the application deadline.

The curriculum spans crucial topics from cash and liquidity management to risk controls. The exam format comprises 170 multiple-choice questions, available in two exam windows: June to July or December to January. It also features a digital Exam Prep Platform with evaluations, sample questions, and progress tracking.

The fee is RM 9,900 (or 2071 USD), covering a one-year subscription to the CTP Exam Prep Platform, the exam fee, and a one-year AFP membership. University discounts are available for those affiliated with certain institutions.

Smart Train (Vietnam)

Smart Train, the only AFP-approved CTP training partner in Vietnam, facilitates this program. Their experienced instructors, who boast impressive credentials and practical experience, guide students through the content. Smart Train prioritizes real-world application, supporting students with ample resources and practical exam preparations.

This course is the gold standard for treasury management proficiency, signifying expertise in vital financial domains like liquidity management and risk control. With over 36,000 certified professionals across 58 countries, the program’s reach is extensive.

The program is tailored for those in finance, accounting, and banking. This includes CFOs, finance professionals, consultants, and even students majoring in finance. Topics covered range from treasury management basics to in-depth financial reporting analysis and risk management.

The computer-based CTP exam, lasting 4 hours, comprises 170 multiple-choice questions. While there’s no preset passing score, candidates are encouraged to answer all questions confidently. They offer flexible study schedules, totaling 63 instruction hours spread across approximately 2.5 months.

Other Certified Treasury Professional Courses

Exploring alternative pathways to the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) certification reveals a range of unique courses. These programs are tailored to equip you for the CTP exam effectively, but are not backed by the AFP. 

7. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors provides a service that connects you with expert private tutors specializing in CTP exam preparation within 24 hours. With professional guidance, you’ll gain the edge you need to excel.

The platform offers incredible flexibility. Choose between online sessions or in-person meetings. Online interactions occur through a Live Learning Platform with session recordings for your review. This means you can study on your terms, wherever you are.

The CTP exam, consisting of 170 multiple-choice questions, is your gateway to professional advancement. You have 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete it. If timed exams concern you, your tutor will equip you with effective test-taking strategies to ensure you’re ready.

Sessions are tailored to your needs. For example, if cash management is your strength, but treasury operations aren’t, lessons will focus on improving your weaker areas. This personalized approach boosts your confidence for exam day.

The fees include a $186 application charge, a $410 examination fee, and a $395 non-member fee for those not affiliated with the AFP. Consider it a modest investment for a significant career advancement.

8. Learnfly

Learnfly’s 5-day online seminar transforms you into a strategic player in your organization’s financial operations. It covers 19 chapters of AFP’s Essentials of Treasury Management. View it as a comprehensive overview, encompassing everything from cash management to internal controls.

The course’s advantage lies in its accessibility. Participate from anywhere using just a PC or mobile device. The interactive live classes allow you to pose questions directly to the instructor. After completion, you receive a certificate and 30 days of post-class support — a reassuring presence as you apply your new knowledge.

It’s designed not only for treasury professionals but also those in corporate finance or with a general interest in the field. Note that the course requires a request. Simply specify your preferred dates and times, and a training advisor will respond promptly.

9. Leoron via

Spanning five days, this online seminar is specifically designed for professionals targeting the CTP exam. It doesn’t just cover theoretical aspects; it delves into practical applications across all 19 chapters of AFP’s Essentials of Treasury Management®, Fourth Edition. It’s a thorough preparation resource for the CTP exam.

Who should attend? Corporate finance and treasury professionals will find it exceptionally relevant. However, it’s also open to individuals in technical support, marketing, or students interested in finance. Proficiency in English is a prerequisite.

The investment of $2390 might seem significant, but the potential career advancement makes it worthwhile. The CTP certification marks you as a strategic asset in your organization, and this course is an excellent stepping stone. LEORON’s reputation as a leading global training institute adds to its value.

Conclusion – What Are the Best Certified Treasury Professional Courses? 

So, there you have it—your comprehensive guide to Top 10 Certified Treasury Professional Courses, with AFP accredited partners and other independent actors. 

For the digitally inclined, the CTP Exam Prep Platform stands out. It boasts a wealth of features and is compatible with any device. Prefer face-to-face learning? Regional AFP & TMA Prep Classes deliver, with the added perk of networking opportunities at their conferences. The CTP Exam Intensive Review Course offers a succinct yet thorough approach if time is of the essence. Pair it with the CTP Exam Bootcamp for an unbeatable combination!

Look no further than the New York Institute of Technology for a traditional academic environment. It includes instructor-led training for a comprehensive learning experience. 

Internationally based? NOESIS provides a four-month program, complete with eligibility requirements.

Seeking a personalized learning journey? Varsity Tutors specializes in one-on-one instruction. Learnfly and Leoron are ideal for those aiming to become invaluable assets in their organizations. 


What is the significance of the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) exam?

The CTP exam is a pivotal step in advancing your career in treasury management, especially for higher-level opportunities.

How can I prepare for the CTP exam?

You can prepare for the CTP exam through accredited courses and resources to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge.

What is the cost of the CTP Exam Prep Platform for AFP members and non-members?

The cost is $860 for AFP members and $960 for non-members. You can combine it with the Essentials of Treasury Management for additional savings.

Are there in-person CTP prep classes available?

Yes, the Regional AFP & TMA Prep Classes offer in-person instruction and are a great option for those who prefer face-to-face learning.

What is the mission of the CTP Exam Intensive Review Course?

The CTP Exam Intensive Review Course aims to thoroughly review ‘Essentials of Treasury Management, 7th edition,’ focusing on essential topics and exam strategies.

How much does the CTP Exam Bootcamp cost for members and non-members?

The cost is $295 for members and $395 for non-members. It complements the CTP Exam Prep Platform and provides a comprehensive overview.

Can I find CTP courses at universities?

Several universities partner with the AFP to offer CTP courses, including Florida International University, Northwestern University, and more.

Are there international CTP courses available?

Yes, international CTP courses, such as those offered by Beijing Financial Education Company, Beacon FinTrain, and others, cater to professionals worldwide.

What is the cost of Varsity Tutors for CTP exam preparation?

Varsity Tutors connects you with expert private tutors for CTP exam preparation. The fees vary based on your specific needs and requirements.

Are there online seminars for CTP exam preparation?

Yes, online seminars are offered by platforms like Learnfly and Leoron, which cover essential topics for CTP exam preparation.

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