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A Deep Dive into Cash Positioning and Cash Flow Forecasting

Welcome to Corporate Treasury 101! If you are new here, you will probably want to read our free eBook to understand what Corporate Treasury is, and what Treasury departments are responsible for! Click here to download it for free! 🙂 Welcome (back) to Corporate Treasury 101! Since this is not your first time here, you…
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What is a Treasury Transformation and how to achieve one?

Ever wondered how a business’s treasury department can metamorphose into an efficient, fully digital, and strategically aligned business partner? In the intricate maze of financial management, having a world-class treasury department could be your ticket to optimal cash flow and risk management. With this riveting journey, we’re about to take you on, you’ll find an…
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What is Hedging in Financial Risk Management?

Ever wondered how big companies manage to stay successful even when money matters get tricky? Imagine they’re on a rocky sea journey, with economic changes like storms on the horizon. But what if they had a secret weapon to help them through the rough waters? That’s right. They have a safety kit called ‘hedging.’ It’s…
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What are the 4 Pillars of Corporate Treasury departments?

In our previous episode, we delved into the fundamental aspects of corporate Treasury. If you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, you can find it here: What is Corporate Treasury?. It provided a comprehensive overview of the Treasury and corporate Treasury. Building upon that foundation, this article aims to explore the 4 Pillars…
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What is Corporate Treasury? A practical guide

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complex world of corporate treasury? Fear not because we have the ultimate solution that will simplify your understanding and revolutionize your approach to treasury management. Get ready to embark on a journey that caters to your unique needs, regardless of your industry or financial background. Our comprehensive guide to…
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Treasury Centres in Ireland & IACT, with Aimee Cullen

In this insightful article, we explore the critical role of treasury centres in today’s complex financial landscape, focusing on Aimee Cullen’s leadership within the Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers (IACT).  This article covers essential aspects of treasury centres, including their purpose, functions, digitalisation impact, and governance. Additionally, it emphasises IACT’s ongoing efforts to promote best…
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