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Are you feeling a bit lost with all the talk about AI, and not sure how it fits into the world of treasury? You’re not alone. AI can be tricky to understand, especially when you’re trying to figure out how to use it in your field. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

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🚀 Understanding AI… in Treasury

AI is changing many areas of our lives, and Treasury is no exception. But trying to get your head around the new AI language, keep up with the latest AI tools, figure out how they relate to treasury, and think about how they might be used in the future can be tough.

And it’s even tougher to work out how to use AI tools that weren’t originally designed for treasury.

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Welcome to the “AI Treasury Insight” newsletter! We’re passionate about making complex treasury topics easy to understand. With this newsletter, we want to help you understand how AI and treasury can work together. Our goal is to make AI in treasury simple and give you a clear guide to follow.

With each issue of our newsletter, you will:

  • (Finally) understand what AI is: Understand what Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Generative AI are… along with all the fancy word you have been hearing of lately.
  • Learn about AI Tools: Understand the different AI tools that are available and how they can be used in treasury.
  • Discover New Ways to Use AI: Find out about innovative ways people are using AI to improve how they manage treasury.
  • Hear from the Experts: Get insights from experienced treasury professionals about the role of AI in treasury.
  • Understand how to Adapt AI for Treasury: Learn how AI tools that weren’t originally designed for treasury can be cleverly used to improve treasury operations.
  • The existing solutions out there: Figure out what are the companies & solution proposing AI (of any sort) in their tool and how they enable new ways of managing Treasury

Understanding AI in treasury doesn’t have to be a struggle. Join the “AI Treasury Insight” newsletter and become part of a community that is embracing the future of treasury together.

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